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Credit Toward Your MBA

If you have completed the Valmont Leadership Essentials program, you already have 9 credit hours toward your MBA!

Bellevue University has evaluated the learning outcomes of our Leadership Essentials program and determined that it can comprise the entire Leadership Concentration of the MBA, worth 9 credit hours.

Apply Your Leadership Essentials Program Toward an MBA

Valmont Leadership Essentials MBA

NOTE: As a reminder, tuition reimbursement is subject to manager approval and the MBA credits are only eligible to be received following your successful completion of the Valmont Leadership Essentials series of workshops. Questions regarding Valmont Leadership Essentials can be directed to

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Now Available for Non-U.S. Employees!

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If Leadership at Valmont is in Your Future

Learn more about the Valmont Leadership Essentials program.

Take Advantage of Your Education Benefits

This program qualifies for up to:

  • $10,500 per year for full-time U.S. employees.
  • $3,500 per year for all non-U.S. employees.


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